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    Tianjin Anti-seismic Housing Co.,Ltd. is a member of China Building Decoration Association, is a professional manufacturer that produces the light steel keel, structural keel, bridge shelf of cables and  the construction house of light steel . Our company has introduced advanced technology from Germany, equipped with LX - 2 type cold curving steel production line controlled by two computers that ranking top international level. The production speed has reached 60M/Min; the annual production capacity is 20,000 tons.
    Our company always adheres to the aim of quality first and customers first, complying with modern management mode, joining up with international standards, establishing the quality management system, and has passed ISO authentication of 9001:2008.We also acquired a lot of international alliance ratification,such as Australia,France,Germany,Russia,Japan and so on.
    The “sky Tower” Brand light steel keel of our company has won silver medal of the second “China International Building Ornament Materials Exposition, with outstanding quality, it can match in excellence with the similar imported products.
    The “sky Tower” Brand light steel keel ever been used in the important projects of Tianjin Sports Center,  Tianjin  Daily Mansion, Evening Newspaper Mansion, Yuanyang Mansion, the second and third stage projects of Motorola construction work, Tianjin People Hospital, Beijing West Railway Station, Qingdao Customs Mansion and Zhengzhou Yuda Mansion, Tennis-ball Gymnasium of Beijing Olympic Sports, new American E-in China and the new Mansion of CCTV, etc.The “sky Tower” Brand light steel keels have got favored comments of users.
   Our company developed the Tianta Brand light steel structural keel in 1996 , we built the light steel structural villas mainly used the light steel keel with the completion of other new-type building materials , changed the traditional building method into the building material industrialization production, mechanized stevedoring, standardization supplying , commercializing and computerization design, which has realized the integration project of construction work and decorating project.
The silver cup gained at the Second
" China International Building Ornament
Materials Exposition"
The glory certificates gained at
" China International Building
Materials Exposition"
The medal gained at the First
Second  "China International Building
International Building
Ornament  Materials Exposition"
The membership certificate of China
Building  Decoration Association.
Ornament  Materials Exposition"
The medal gained at the
" China

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