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The series&nb

2:main suspender
3:suspender piece
4:horizontal piece
5:master keels
6:auxiliary keels

The sketch map of installing ceiling keels   
 Specifications of products for ceilling keels assembly 
No. Name Section shape Specification  Weight kg/m Remarks
1 38Master keels


DU38×12×1 0.455 substitute the  normal keels
2 38Master keels DU38×12×1.2 0.546
3 50Master keels


DU50×15×1.2 0.707 People can stand on it.
4 50Master keels DU50×15×1.5 0.883 People can stand on it.
5 60Master keels     DC60×27×1.2 1.112 People can stand on it.
6 60Master keels DC60×27×1.5 1.389 People can stand on it.
7 50 Auxiliary keels    DC50×19×0.5 0.381  
8 50Auxiliary keels DC50×19×0.6 0.457  
9 60Auxiliary keels DC60×27×0.5 0.483  
10 60Auxiliary keels DC60×27×0.6 0.579  
11 Unequal sides keels


DU30×20×20×0.5 0.267   ceiling   sides
12 L  type keels sides  


DL25×25×0.6 0.236  Used for  corner of the ceiling
13 Utype keels sides 


DU30×30×0.5 0.345 Used for the sides border wall of ceiling
Fittings for light steel  keels
No. Name  sketch  No. Name sketch 
1 Main suspender piece 


5 Main connections


2 Suspender piece


6 Horizontal piece


3 Auxiliary insert


7 Small Stator


4 Main connections


8 Support Card


The materials of each square meter for ceiling keels and fittings 
No. Name Functions Quantity 
1 Main keels  The main piece that bearing force of ceiling framework  1 Meter
2 Auxiliary keels(sub-keels)  fixup decoration board 3.6Meters
3 Stator  Connect the suspender with construction structure  1 piece
4 Suspender   Connect the Stator with main suspender 1 piece
5 Main suspender  Connect the suspender with main keels 1 piece
6 Suspender piece Connect main keels with auxiliary keels 2 pieces
7 Main connections Lengthen main keels 0.5 pieces
8 auxiliary insert Lengthen auxiliary keels 0.5 pieces
9 Horizontal piece(bracket) Connect two auxiliary keels of perpendicular each other  6 pieces
2:main suspender
3:suspender piece
4:loading keels
5:master keels of lacquer-coating
6:auxiliary keels of lacquer-coating
7:side keels8:mineral wool board


The sketch map of installing ceiling keels of lacquer-coating
The sketch of lacquer-coating keels 
No. Name  Length Sketch 
1 Side keels of lacquer-coating 3M


2 Auxiliary keels of lacquer-coating 1.2M


3 Master keels of lacquer-coating 3M


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