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The series of light steel keels for partition
 Specifications of  keels products for partition 
No. Name Section shape Specification Weight kg/m
1 50Horizontal keel

QU50×40×0.6 0.598
2 50Horizontal keel QU50×40×0.7 0.698
3 75Horizontal keel QU75×40×0.6 0.716
4 75Horizontal keel QU75×40×0.7 0.835
5 100Horizontal keel QU100×40×0.6 0.834
6 100Horizontal keel QU100×40×0.7 0.973
7 150Horizontal keel QU150×40×0.7 1.247
8 150Horizontal keel QU150×40×0.8 1.426
9 200Horizontal keel QU200×40×0.8 1.74
10 200Horizontal keel QU200×40×1 2.174
11 50Vertical keel

QC50×50×0.6 0.768
12 50Vertical keel QC50×50×0.7 0.896
13 75Vertical keel QC75×50×0.6 0.885
14 75Vertical keel QC75×50×0.7 1.033
15 100Vertical keel QC100×50×0.6 1.003
16 100Vertical keel QC100×50×0.7 1.17
17 150Vertical keel QC150×50×0.7 1.445
18 150Vertical keel QC150×50×0.8 1.652
19 200Vertical keel QC200×50×0.8 1.966
20 200Vertical keel QC200×50×1 2.457
 The materials quantity of each square meter of partition  keels and fittings 
No. Name quantity 
1 Vertical keel 2.6M (Interval between vertical keel is 400mm)
2.2M (Interval between vertical keel is 600mm)
2 Horizontal keel 0.7 meter
3 Thoroughway keel (38 main keel) 1 meter
4  Support card 6 piece
The quality standard of light steel keel
item Partition Wall Ceilling
Technical Requirement National Standard(GB) TechnicalRequirement National Standard(GB)
Content of double-side zinc-plating 160 g/m2 ≥ 80 g/m2 160 g/m2 ≥ 80 g/m2
Lengh error +10、 -5mm +20、-10 +10、 -5mm +20、-10
Bending radious of interior angle 1.50 ~ 2.00 1.5 ~ 2.25 1.50 ~ 2.00 1.5 ~ 2.25
angular deviation 1.5° 1.5°~ 2° 1.5° 1.5°~ 2°
straightness profile 0.3mm/m ≤ 1.0mm/m 0.3mm/m ≤ 1.0mm/m
underside 0.4mm/m ≤ 2.0mm/m 0.4mm/m ≤ 2.0mm/m
Note: Usually,the length of light steel keel was produced 3m per piece in accordance with national standard.If you want to make the random length (within 12m),please mark in the contract.
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